Striving for Excellence at FC200

Last year L&G announced that it had established a new innovative operating model for managing its buildings, which we believe will improve the financial, environmental, and social performance of the assets we own and run by developing stronger relationships with occupiers.

This new model delivers a shift in service standards, by removing layers between us, our occupiers and building operations. This enables us to provide a more data-led, agile service for our occupiers, which can be tailored and flexed to their specific requirements.

Our Property Management Model (Mercury) is built on the following themes:

• Transparency, agility and collaboration
• Occupier focussed culture
• Responsive service delivery platform with flexible local supply chains
• Direct visibility of asset operational performance
• Direct influence of sustainability performance

Building Performance

A big part of our drive for excellence is through a more sophisticated approach to building performance to ensure our occupiers are maximising the productivity of their space.

By focussing on providing healthy and productive spaces, and demonstrating that in real-time to building users, we are aligning our properties with our occupiers’ strategy. Two of the main technological differences on offer at FC200 and helping driving this improved way of working are outlined below.


Demand Logic Enabled

FC200 is a Demand Logic enabled building ensuring the M&E can be monitored remotely and adjusted in real-time an ability few buildings benefit from. This significant step in capability helps drive a better working environment for staff and a more efficient running of the building and therefore a cheaper service charge and a more environmentally friendly building. Please ask our onsite FM team for more details, its actually quite an impressive platform.


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

If you want to supercharge the quality of your working environment we are working with Cundall to utilise IEQ data to bolster the capabilities of Demand Logic and allow us to work with you to manage the space in line with how it is being used. IEQ sensors add depth and detail of information that cannot be obtained in a normal building; the sensors measure temperature air quality, humidity, noise, light and a volatile organic compound. At FC200 this capability is already being utilised and is installed on our Capsule Space. We also worked with our existing tenant to utilise IEQ sensors within their space delivering significant improvements.

Download IEQ Services DOCUMENT


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
Buckminster Fuller